A bike fit analysis is ideal for anyone looking to maximise their performance and efficiency whilst riding on any terrain or surface, or those people who get niggles and pain as a result of biking.

The specially trained therapists at Bonne Santé aim to look at you and your bike together, using a range of measuring techniques to enable you to find a comfortable and efficient riding position, allowing you to generate a more aerodynamic and optimised position.


We aim to

  • assess both bike and person; our physio knowledge will help guide you with posture and any specific musculoskeletal issues
  • reduce risk of injury through correct set up of your bike
  • optimise your position, this will enable you to ride more efficiently, for longer and with good form 

Correct cycle form will enable you to produce more power!

What do we assess?

  • cleat and pedal position
  • saddle tilt, height and fore/aft
  • handle bar position and stem length through measuring torso and shoulder angles
  • body movements and compensation strategies that maybe causing overuse and muscle tightness
  • biomechanical restrictions such as leg length discrepancy andpoor core activation
  • pedalling efficiency

Our in depth analysis will look further into the biomechanics of your body, including strength and flexibility assessments and relevant home exercise plans.

Please allow 60 minutes for the standard bike assessment and 90 mins for a more in depth biomechanics screen.