Danielle's Knee Clinic - ACL

Erm…. What is my ACL?


Why is it important?

The ACL provides stability to your knee; it prevents hyperextension and excessive knee rotation. Damage to the ACL can cause instability which puts other structures of the knee at risk of long term damage.

What might signal an ACL tear?

  • The ACL is most regularly damaged by a sudden twisting injury

  • You may hear a pop at the time of injury

  • Immediate swelling within a few hours of the injury

  • Walking may feel painful and unstable.

What should you do?

Get an assessment within 24-48 hours!

A sports Physiotherapist will be able to assess your knee and determine how serious your injury is.

Possible outcomes:

  • In the ideal case that no injury is suspected you may be given advice and exercises to treat pain and prevent further injury

  • If a mild ligament sprain is suspected you may be advised to take a period of rest from sports and given an individualized treatment plan

  • If a full ACL tear is suspected you will be referred to the local medical service for diagnostic scanning.

Regardless of the outcome, don’t worry; we at Bonne Santé are trained, fully registered, sports Physiotherapists with plenty of experience in ski related injuries. We will guide you to the best course of action and make sure you get back to doing what you love best in the shortest possible amount of time!


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