Sarah's Series - Getting fit for the coming season

Our Clinical Lead, Sarah, and the team at Bonne Santé will be posting a range of exercises over the coming weeks to help you get as ready as you can be. Join them in the following blog series to pick up tips and useful advice on how to best prepare for your ski or boarding trip this winter season!

Why should I improve my fitness before skiing/boarding?

Whether a complete beginner or advanced skier/boarder, everyone can benefit from targeted exercise prior to their winter holiday. Skiing or boarding are often-underestimated sports; they can be highly demanding on the body. They incorporate challenges to balance, require lower limb strength and a great deal of endurance.

Only 20% of the skiers/boarders who hit the slopes every season have done any sort of physical preparation for their holiday! The remaining 80% unknowingly increase their risk of injury and may find that their reduced fitness levels effect their performance.

But I don’t have access to a gym …..

Not to worry! All the exercises have been carefully considered so that anyone with any prior level of fitness can complete them – complete beginner to more advance skier/boarder.  

They can be completed anywhere; at your desk, at work or in your living room at home!

Finding the exercises too easy? Keep your eyes peeled for the articles aimed at the more advanced skiers/boarders. These are specifically designed for those with several weeks of experience on the slopes who really want to push themselves to their maximum potential.

How do I start?

A good place to start is by initiating any exercise that improves your fitness. Choose something you enjoy – running, cycling or circuits for example - and go from there. Often the most difficult part is making that first step, but any improvement in your cardiovascular fitness (how optimally your heart and lungs work) will improve your stamina while on the slopes.

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a qualified physiotherapist who specialises in musculoskeletal issues. Since qualifying from the University of Birmingham she has worked within both the NHS and private practise, and within a number of different sports.

Sarah aims to promote function and optimise recovery with every one of her clients, and uses a client-based approach to identify goals important to the individual. 

Several family holidays formed the basis of Sarah’s experience in the Alps and on skis, but she didn’t find a passion for it until she was in her early twenties. Now a good intermediate skier, she is on her second season with Bonne Santé, taking over as Clinical Lead, and is keen to improve her own skiing and optimise that of her clients.

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