Bonne Santé working with Stuart Bernard, ski instructor extraordinaire from Ski Focus


Stuart Bernard has been skiing since the age of 4, and began his teaching career at 16. Initially he started training and working at his local dry slope in Hemel Hempstead, and within only a few years had embarked on his decision to develop his qualifications further.

Since 2006 Stuart has specialised as a race coach and holds the ‘International Ski Teacher Diploma’ and ‘Alpine Performance Coach Level 2’. In addition, he qualified in 2005 as a Snowsports Scotland ‘ASSI Tutor’ and has since been delivering ASSI courses throughout the UK. Stuart has also progressed from being BASI L1 trainer (able to deliver Level 1 courses in the UK) to becoming a full Alpine Trainer in November 2014.

Stuart now spends most of his time between the UK and Tignes, France, and continues to develop and deliver many of Ski Focus’ race, instructor training and piste performance courses.

Stuart is a founding member of Ski Focus, who offer year-round ski coaching, UK and abroad. During the winter months they are based in Tignes and the summer in the UK, running group and private coaching at a number of snow facilities in the south of England.  They pride themselves on having a very different approach to teaching skiing that is based on the principle that the key to efficient skiing lies in focusing on the performance of the ski, rather than on the performance of the skier.

Ski Focus believes that there are four key areas around which to base lessons  

  1. Technical

  2. Psychological

  3. Equipment

  4. Physical

And no matter what your age or ability, these areas need to be addressed to enable efficient and effective development.

This very much links into the Bonne Santé approach that looks at ensuring the body is aligned to deliver optimum performance, enabling improvements at any level.

Lots of people try to get fit before they hit the slopes however sometimes pumping iron in the gym is not enough. Mimicking sporting movements with weights or machines in the gym can sometimes have a negative skill transfer and decrease your performance. Our approach involves correcting the body to where it is meant to be mentally and physically so that it will perform at its natural best.

Aside offering personalised physiotherapy and massage, Bonne Santé offers a Biomechanical Assessment that look at:

small alex and dan.jpg
  • Ongoing correction of muscular imbalances caused by your sport

  • General functional strength training to make you stronger & faster

  • Balance & flexibility training (where necessary)

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