To do this we work with them to understand their needs and, if necessary, advise a course of treatment to support them. By focusing on treating the whole body, and understanding what activities are being undertaken, we are able to ensure that any treatments are as effective as possible in supporting the reaching of desired goals and to improve/maintain fitness.

Bonne Santé has many clients who return year after year, and we also support our local community.  If you need to maximise the potential of your stay, however short or long, and improve the enjoyment of your chosen sport, then let the team at Bonne Santé help you. 

Treatments and Services

We have a passion for our work and sport. We understand that the goal is to get you back on the mountain as quickly as possible whilst respecting all safety aspects. We offer a range of therapeutic treatments designed to keep you moving.


Mountain sports can be strenuous and carry risk. Our Wellbeing section covers injury prevention, advice and management, coping with altitude, fatigue and nutrition.

Biomechanics and Training

Anyone having difficulty progressing or refining ski/boarding techniques, despite good instruction and levels of fitness, or those suffering on-going aches and pains during and after skiing, despite good strength and stamina can benefit from a biomechanical assessment.

Let us help you recover...