Injury Prevention & Management

Injuries occur to all of us to one extent or another at varying times in our lives. Repetitive movements in work or sport can lead to muscles overworking, leading to tension, stiffness and pain. Injuries and strains can hinder even the toughest of individuals and leave them feeling vulnerable. We all at Bonne Sante are committed to identifying risks and minimising the chances of problems occurring.


Managing altitude when in resort

Bonne Santé is based in the Espace Killy region where Val d’Isère and Tignes are located between 1550 and 2100 metres above sea level - the Grande Motte Glacier, which rises to a lofty 3450 metres, and is accessible during winter and summer months is also within the Espace Killy area.  Your body won’t be used to being at such high altitudes, so you need to take time to acclimatize.


Fact Sheets

Everyone knows that it is important to warm up before you exercise. But do you know the best things to do to prepare you for skiing and snowboarding? Follow our guides for pre-ski & snowboarding exercises – warm up and cool down properly.